Posted by prisongarde January 11, 2011

…and welcome back to the program. Been a minute. For those not in the know I have been making a new life for myself on the beautiful West Coast of Canada (Vancouver specifically). I moved here over a year ago and hit the ground running. I am now running a small artspace and creative agency in Gastown. You can find me (by day) here. I produce and edit videos for money, do graphic design for select clients, score soundtracks and hock art. Feel free to swing by the gallery anytime.As some of you may have heard, my musical partner Hadji Bakara has returned to school, and for myself personally that means a new focus / project. You can hear some new drafty material on soundcloud or join the PG facebook group if you would like to be kept in the loop about 2011 parties, pirate radio nights or touring (big news on that soon!). Thanks for checking in! Back on grind. Let’s get it!